Friday, March 2, 2012

Two fat cats and a puppy in a basket

Remember a couple of posts ago I asked how some individuals can 'own' and profit from the coal, oil and gold that the earth has made over millions of years? How can that be theirs?
Well, it seems Wayne Swan agrees with me. You can read part of his article which appears in Monthly magazine here.  He takes aim at vile fat cats and those that kowtow to them to garner themselves some scraps on the side. It makes for a reassuring read, that this is not all going unnoticed, and that just because something is legal, it's not necessarily right.
Now to banish that bad taste from the mouth, here's a photo of a puppy in a basket.


  1. Oh, a puppy in a basket. That's very cute and distracting. I threw myself into Pinterest yesterday and the cutesy baby animals on that? Let me tell you.

  2. Puppy in a basket look very beautiful.

  3. puppy in a basket sleeping very well.