Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Latest project

Before I show you my latest project, let me show you how it will look....very soon, I hope.

This, however, is how it looks at this point in time.
I bought if off Ebay. I don't have the full set, only the table base, and I will be turning mine into a side table rather than a dining table.
They were listed as 'Eiffel Tower' chairs and table,but I think it's more commonly called spun fibreglass. When I was still just 'watching' the table base and chairs on Ebay, my neighbour came over and asked if I could talk some sense into his wife. She wanted to buy these 'funny looking' chairs on Ebay.
Once he explained to me what they looked like, I told him I probably wasn't the best person to talk to.
While the set of six chairs went crazy with bids and sold for $184, I picked up the table base for $31.
I'm just investigating two-packers now, and I've already got the glass for the top.
Stay tuned!


  1. Love this table. It's making me regret my self imposed ebay embargo.

  2. I too am an ebay fanatic, we usually have 1-2 parcels delivered a week! I have just started my own blog after being inspired by you and you cousin Fiona's blogs. It's about the beginning of our triplet pregnancy! Here is the address if you ever have the time!

  3. Triplets hey? I think that will be a must-read!

  4. Lavender, we all have to impose those embargoes at certain times. Have fun when it finally lifts.

  5. I have been following you ever since I read your story about buying the house in the Sunday paper I love what you have done it's amazing, I loved seeing all the pics of the treasures you uncovered and stories as well . Have you ever thought about having a small garden / tea party if so I make amazing cupcakes be happy to bring some :-)

  6. Thanks Flower. It's not something I've really thought about, but I'll keep it in mind.