Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A home study

I work from home....in a hovel. It's not even a room, it's just a space that I share with my husband's tools, and some big shelves of miscellanea. It's dark, dusty and just plain horrid.
For those who have not followed from the get-go, we have renovated a two story house, and only the top half is finished. The bottom level is just a shell, one big room with a concrete floor......this is where my 'study' is and I use that word v. v. loosely.
Occasionally, while working on my computing I'll gaze through the dusty window, across my view of the garage and day dream about what will eventuate one day. I visualise the light-filled, colourful space that will one day be all mine, designed to delight and inspire. Until then, all I have are some ideas, which I'll now share.
One day...soonish.


  1. Drooling here - Serious case of lust for that yellow chair and matching lamp .... sigh!

    My office is the corner of a bedroom on an old table. Let's dream on ..

  2. I have just finished my study. It was all dark and dreary and it got the white paint treatment - if it didn't move it was painted!
    I really like the image with the green chair but my favourite has to be the narrow room with the blue patterned chairs.
    Happy planning.

  3. I love the narrow one with the blue chairs. It looks very comfortable and grown up I think. My favourite is the top one with the yellow though.