Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Seriously pink

I love pink when it's used as a serious colour, rather than something in a little girl's bedroom. Pink can practically be a neutral colour if you ask me. I've collected some tearsheets below to show you what I mean.
What do you think?

...and again from a different angle, just because it's so good.
Love, love this ottoman, below.

..and lastly, don't try this one at home.


  1. Love them all except the last one, which was a little on the strong side!
    Thanks for sharing some wonderful photos!

  2. Hi! Just so you know :-).... I found your blog because of your pink bar stools - fabulous! I'm not obsessed, but we do have a sparkly pink glass kitchen splashback*. In fact that's all the pink I have and I ended up with timber and white bar stools - how boring!? Lou
    * one time a young tradie called out to me from where he was reinstalling a faulty window "love your pink splashback - I'm sooooo sick of seeing all the same plain white ones in every second house"