Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The icons of kitsch

In my long standing pursuit of kitsch I have identified certain icons which, like treasure maps, can lead me directly to what I'm searching for. This is particularly useful information if you are trawling on-line. If you're thrift shopping in the real world, well, it's in the lap of the gods what you might find.
Kitsch seems to inevitably find its inspiration in nature, particularly birds; swans, peacocks and kookaburras.
If there were one thing that defined classic kitsch, it would have to be the lawn flamingo, and rightly so, what's not to love about this?

When guests arrive to find a flamingo swizzle stick in their drink, they know they're at a swish do.
The other 'fancy bird' - my beloved peacocks.
Even better, plucked and turned into a handbag.
Swans are the height of kitsch of course. I have it on good authority that there's an old concrete swan planter down at New Farm Antiques, with a $250 price tag swinging round its neck. Get outta town!
Other than birds, when searching for A1 kitsch, keep your eyes peeled for lobsters.

Cherries (she's got it going on).

..and anything Hawaiian.

Lastly, when searching for items of high quality kitsch, or retro significance, try 'palm trees', 'watermelon' and 'shells'.


  1. Do you reckon pineapples qualify too? And did you see that 'fire ant' dress on Anthro recently? Love it all!

  2. Pineapples! I'm such a fool, how could I forget pineapples? You're absolutely right.

  3. and Mexicans, too!
    I'm sorry now that I tossed out a pink flamingo a few years ago!
    Great fun post..

  4. I spotted some pink flamingo in Hamptons Home Living in Paddington last week. They are so striking.

  5. Oh yeah! Lov'n the lobsters, and I can't go past the pink Flamingos naturally.
    Sar x