Friday, February 24, 2012

A vintage fashion emergency

Frugal February had to go on hold this morning for a vintage fashion emergency. Miss Posh Poodle is clearing out her storage shed and she's selling everyting off for no more than $30 a piece.
My life literally depended on attending this sale. I say this because in the interests of living a long life, it's imperative that one maintains a hobby/passion, all my reading on longevity says so.
I can't remember how much I paid for any individual piece, but my pick is this pink frock. I think it was $10? Still, Teddy's so disappointed in me he can't look at me, or my frock.
I picked up this little Hello Kitty smock for Peaches, she's partial to HK. As Mim won't wear anything that's longer than mid-thigh, Í couldn't find anything for her.
I also had to bring this little mid-century glass dessert set home. We actually use things like this all the time. The bowls are usually just the right size for a portion that's not too big and not too small, and it was only $22. Someone in the store commented that it would be $45 at the Salvos, and they're right.

I found this nifty skirt, which has 'Cycle in Progress' appliqued around the bottom. My friend and I assumed that referred to bicyling, and I pictured myself quaintly riding through Woolcock Park on a pennyfarthing.

Unfortunately, and this is a very big 'unfortunately', when I took the skirt up to the counter the lady who served me told me she'd made the skirt. She went on to tell me that is was created for an art exhibition she'd had based on the menstrual cycle.
'Oh', I said. 'So, Cycle in Progress means....'.
'Yes'. She said cheerily, as though this was a bonus.


  1. Oh dear... As a cyclist who would love more skirts better designed for cycling I was quite excited. Now, not so much.

    Much "heart'" desert glass set. Would also look pretty as tea light holders scattered around the deck, or little floating flower vases.

  2. I was at the Red Hill Salvos recently, and overheard a fellow say to one of the workers, "You know, everything here is overpriced. Is it THAT HARD to change the price gun from $22?" To which he got the response, "Yes. Yes, it is hard to change the price gun." It was then that I decided I'd never go back.

    Happy cycling!

  3. I think I'll follow your lead MMMC. I've dropped off a dress there before that I'd paid $3 for at another thrifty, and saw it a couple of weeks later with a $15 price tag.