Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Yes, it's that magical time of year again when I have to make a birthday cake. I'm going to reserve judgement until it's finished this afternoon, but to be honest, it's not looking great. This is the beast with just the 'crumb layer' done. For those ignorant of what a 'crumb layer' is, that is the layer of icing which serves to cement any crumbs to the actual cake, so the final layer of icing can go on without being compromised by wandering crumbs.
Let's not panic just yet. Let's wait til it's complete.
And again.


  1. Good luck! The layers impress me; but I've not forgotten last years landslide.

  2. Yes, good idea. Let's not panic yet.

  3. No ones panicking....but I am wondering how it all turned out?

  4. LOL. I LOVE your misadventures in Cake. They always make me giggle. However, the cake layers are very impressive though and I get your bottom dollar it still tastes great :-)