Sunday, April 15, 2012

Strange but true

I'll tell you what I love. I love fashion editorials that are photographed in a supermarket. That's very specific isn't it?
I think it's because I spend 40% of my time and 30% of our money in a supermarket. I appreciate when some distant connection between Woolies and glamour is made - whether it's intended as ironic or not, it's a link.
This is how I prefer to view my visits to the supermarket.


  1. love it. How 'spensive are groceries?????

  2. That's up there on the ludicrous scale with Herringbone's catalogues.

  3. It would be funny/entertaining to see someone wearing wraparound sunnies while choosing bananas! I was wondering the other day about what decision you came to re colour of the beautiful inlay chest of drawers? Did you go w the green?