Wednesday, April 11, 2012

There be treasure

If you regularly trawl through op shops and garage sales, chances are you've come across the odd find that you're genuinely chuffed about. Usually some little bit of domestic fluff you drag home smugly, and spend the rest of the day reorganising the cave so it fits in perfectly. It seems we all need to get somewhat more ambitious with our expectations though.
Ninemsn recently published a story on treasures that have been discovered in garage sales and op shops. It's an inspirational read. Have a look here.
My favourite story would have to be the stash of jewellery and silver found in a St Petersburg house by workers. It was wrapped in newspapers from 1917 and was hidden by a noble family just before the Bolshevik Revolution. The workers found over 1000 pieces of jewellery, silver and just blatant genuine treasure. The story is here. It's the stuff that dreams are made of (that, and world peace obviously).

Then there is the guy who bought a drawing at a garage sale in Las Vegas and found it was an Andy Wahol. That story is here.

So there you go people. Romance is not dead. If you're at a loose end today, get busy and go treasure hunting, apparently there is still treasure to be found.


  1. What lucky finds for those people! I'll have to get out a bit more to garage sales and op shops and see if I can't unearth some treasure! Ange

  2. And not forgetting this little find just last month
    Why do I only ever find warped Tupperware, stuffed animals and Vegemite glasses?