Thursday, April 12, 2012

Swanning around

You know my penchant for swans. I found this at Hobohemia in Paddington yesterday. It's a child's rocking toy, but apparently it can't be used as such any longer.
Hobohemia is worth a look if you're around the traps. It's just next to Presents of Mind in Paddington.
Whilst we're in the neighbourhood. Has anyone spotted the shell chandelier/lampshades in A.P. Design's window?  I love a good shell chandelier too.

Remember this 'project'? My spun fibreglass table base?

I finished it. I painted it with white gloss enamel, and after three attempts, finally managed to get a piece of glass for the top. Now it looks like this. I know, even I'm surprised! It's not a good photo - the good photo wouldn't upload and rather than hurl my computer out the window, I decided just to use this inferior shot.

I love the contrast of the white fibreglass against the black floorboards. 
In other breaking (and irrelevant) news, The Shoe Station in Paddington has 25% off a very handsome range of Winter boots.
I hope all you lucky Foxtel watching folk are enjoying the new season of Mad Men. I myself have to wait for it to appear on dvd - it's like the dark ages!


  1. I should get myself into the Paddington precinct. I've seen Hobohemia next to Presents of Mind, but always felt as if it was just someone's front yard, so I have always been somewhat muddled about it.

    One really needs to be out-and-about, covering previous ground to keep on top of merchants and their wares. A trip out once every six months just doesn't cut it anymore.

  2. Love your table - it looks fantastic! Was the glass expensive to have it cut? x

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  3. Anna I bought a table off Ebay which had the glass on top of it. Actually I had to buy the whole set, table and chairs. It was much less expensive doing it this way. I think getting a piece of toughened glass cut with a bevel, etc would have been a few hundred dollars.

  4. I loved all above work but the spun table is most eye-catching piece which I loved the most and would love to have to match my existing white furniture, pleas see here . I hope to have a desired look. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

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