Friday, May 18, 2012

Kips Bay Decorator Show House

Each year in New York a house or apartment is chosen to be decorated by a variety of designers, and money is raised through entry to see it, which goes to the Kips Bay Girls Club (or something?). The house is called the Kips Bay Decorator Show House and the 2012 one has just been unveiled.
I've found it almost impossible to steal photos of it, but they have been released on the New York Times website and you can see it here.
There's a whole story on it and a slideshow. If you can't find the link to the slideshow, click here. I've done all the hard work for you.
Since I couldn't show you the current rooms, below are some from previous years. Upscale NYC interiors are so different to ours in the Antipodes. These are utterly glamorous.
I love this blue below, especially with the olive and gold tones.
I find this room a bit ott, but if I were an Upper East Side waspy social butterfly, I could definitely do it.
Bathrooms are well represented.
I love this room. It's cosy and classic.
Love this interpretation of mid century style.
Here it is again.
Every New York penthouse needs a terrace.
I think this room can't quite decide what to do.
Love this outdoor area. Grey and natural timbers really do it for me.
This room is super glamorous, love all the classic pieces; wingback chair, topiary, basket chandelier, chesterfields, pedestal table, etc.
I love the comfy formality of this room too, with a bit of pink thrown in for good measure.
Kitchen. Looks familiar.
There's nothing like an understated bedroom for a good nights sleep.
Interesting, isn't it? Have a look at this year's rooms if you have the time. Beautiful. 


  1. Wow amazing rooms I am feeling a wee bit jealous...but does anyone actually live like that? I wish I could, but somehow the children's stuff creeps into every inch our my house and before you know it your once perfect, straight from House and Garden room, looks like Hurricane Katrina has roared through it. Oh we can but live and dream though!Love your blog by the way!xx

  2. Pen, I think if you're living like this, your staff would be sure to keep everything perfect. It's a whole other level of operation!