Thursday, May 17, 2012

Latest additions

I had an unexpectedly productive day today. My partner in crime called early this morning to say she was available to drive us to the Sunshine Coast to pick up our latest purchase. I put tennis on hold, and we were off up the highway, just like the female pickers, minus the denim cut-offs.
It's all been hush hush, but this afternoon we finally brought home these babies. I say hush hush, because the men of our respective households can get a little uptight about more furniture being dragged back to the cave. You've really got to pick your moment to break it to them.
Our focus here is on the chairs of course. How good are they? I was beside myself.
Here they are in silhouette.

...and from another angle.... let's take a close up look.

Some people call them Eiffel Tower chairs, sometimes they're called spun fibreglass. They are the perfect chair; beautiful, light weight, durable, comfortable, weather proof. Peaches loves them because 'the food will fall straight through them' - when she leaves the table after dinner it looks like a litter of hyaena puppies has been eating at her place.
The chairs are reproductions of a mid century design, they're about 15 years old, but look like they're straight off the showroom floor. They came out of a cafe. I have 10 and my friend has 10. They're powder coated fibreglass. I love them!
Little round cushions came with them, which I'll have to get recovered. I'll also need a mat or run under the table to break up the black chairs on the black floor. I just love a project.
I've also got this's original though.
That's enough excitement!


  1. Be still my beating heart!!!!!

  2. I'm thinking of green cushions with white piping or vice versa? I'm sure they look lovely in anything.

  3. Nice !!!!!

  4. Amazing! What a great find - will look fantastic with cushions on them :)

  5. OMG!! I have just stumbled on your blog (which I love!) while searching on-line (yet again!!) for exactly these chairs!! I bought a round table and 5 chairs 15 years ago for my covered back deck and I absolutely LOVE them. I have been trying for at least 8 years to get some more chairs (6 but 4 would do), but they are no longer sold new in Australia. I even have a wanted ad for them on Ebay. I suppose where you bought yours they were all sold - I don't know whether to jump off the Gap or just get drunk!!

    I hadn't heard them called Eiffel Tower chairs, though, so thanks for that! Regards, Gillian

    1. Hi Gillian, I'm not sure if you'll check back here, but in a week's time a friend and I are opening a vintage and homewares store at Woolloongabba Antiques in Brisbane. We have two sets of this furniture for sale, original pieces. One setting is a dining table and chairs and the other is more 'loungey' with a two-seater settee and low set chairs, coffee table and planter! Keep a lookout for them on

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