Monday, June 18, 2012

Coming soon

My husband has designed and built a carport for the house and is in the process of constructing it. It's going to be the handsomest damn arbour/garage that ever stood on four legs. He designed it to be flat-packed so it can be transported anywhere for construction. We will be using it for our car, but it would be perfect beside a pool or in the garden. If you're in need of a handsome arbour watch this space!

Still on the subject of home beautification, but on a slightly smaller scale, I washed my glasses over the weekend. Each time I do this I rearrange them in a different order according to usage, size, style, or in this case, colour. It's loads of fun, but it leads me to believe that I must have a tiny brain, to be entertained for hours on end with such a task.
These are my latest finds. A harlequin set of nine 1950s drinking glasses.
I also picked up these three turquoise 60s or 70s wine glasses. They'll be my new favourites, for a while at least. I'm easily distracted, would you believe?

We had a little visitor last week from Melbourne. Miss Mary Ann Agnes dropped in for the evening with her daddies.

She looks a bit spaced out here because she had to be sedated for her flight. She's nervous at the best of times, you can imagine what she's like when you put her in a box and stick her in the hull of a plane. By the next morning she had the spring in her step back, and busied herself harassing the guinea pigs.
I've given up getting rid of the guinea pigs. Remember I tried re-branding them as Queensland Rabbits, which didn't work. Then I tried calling them miniature wombats, still no luck. Then old Tommy developed his eye condition, and lost his sight in one of them, good on you Tom, nice one. Even I know that no one wants a disabled guinea pig, so we're stuck with them for god knows how much longer. Cunning little things. I thought maybe Mary could do us a favour with them, but their new cage is impenetrable, even for a tiny, super feisty jrt.
Back outside again. My husband made these planter boxes, which go very nicely with the house. I know these balls are small, but you'd be surprised how fast they grow. We took a trip to the Caboolture Markets yesterday. If you need plants head north on a Sunday. Everything is cheap as chips and there's heaps to choose from. These topiaries were only $15 each.
I got these snap dragons and pansies for a bit of colour around the garden in the spring time.

Before we headed to the markets yesterday I made this French toast using a chocolate chip brioche. Nutritionally, I wouldn't describe it as great value. It probably weighed in at 1000 calories a serve, and we were all unnaturally famished again an hour after eating it. I know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, etc, etc, but why is it that I'm more hungry by 9.30am if I've had breakfast than if I've had nothing at all? Why?

It's yet another mystery of the Universe, there to keep us guessing for eternity.


  1. The arbor is looking great, perfect next to the Old Girl.

  2. The arbour is beautiful, and I will stay tuned to see how the flat pack design turns out. We may need one in the near future! I also adore the glass ware, such beautiful colours

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