Thursday, February 14, 2013


I found the camera cord. Such joy!
This is the cane setting I am currently finding the covers for. Any ideas are welcome. The problem is you could do just about anything - and when I say 'problem' I'm using the term loosely. I realise this is not a life or death situation.
After all the rain the garden is growing like a weed.
Our retro topiaries, doing very nicely thank you.

We planted star jasmine to grow over the arbour. The man at the nursery called it a weed and in fact it grows like one.
This is the star jasmine we left Honey the puppy in charge of. Not doing so well.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. I get fed the same line every year; 'No I didn't get you flowers, every day is Valentine's Day for us'. I got my husband a card, and the girls gave us each a paper Valentine. I wrote them each a note and popped it in their lunch boxes, in part to make up for me channeling Joan Crawford this morning before they went to school.
I don't usually read autobiographies, but I've been reading this lately for some reason (I have no idea why it is insisting on sitting sideways). I wish I hadn't started, it's giving me the heebie jeebies. Autobiographies tend to build their subjects into supernatural characters, which is annoying. And if she really was as perfect as she's portrayed in the book, well, that's even more annoying.
My bedside table doth overflow with books to read. The Love Machine is actually by the same author as Valley of the Dolls in case you're thinking it might be something else. I love a good mid-century melodrama.
Dad recently gave me this lamp. It's made of pottery, but is a dead ringer for brass.
I've been continuing my decorating research for ideas for downstairs, which we expect to start later this year.
While I'm a bit unsure about what I want, I am very certain about what I don't want. This, for example, would drive me crazy.
This is more my speed, it's a shame my budget can't keep up.

No, it's not too much.
I have a feeling this is Ralph Lauren's house, but of course, I haven't kept a record of my source.
Love a good chevron tiled floor.
This is Lee Radziwill's house. Lee is Jackie O's younger sister.
She's a 'good sort', especially considering she's now nearly 80, pictured below.
This is her house. Look, she has a peacock too although I think that's where the similarities finish.


  1. I've read and re-read America's Queen many times and she wasn't perfect-that was her charm. She was deeply flawed but kept her counsel and never told anyone her true feelings. Must have been awful to have not 1 but 2 husband's cheat on you 24/7. Love the new cane thing x

  2. I'm not up to any of that hi-jinx yet. Madam restora

  3. I love that you love Peacocks! We inherited our with our property, he has just dropped all his feathers (they do that annually). I am overflowing with feathers at the moment! Want some?