Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Little Moreton House

Thank god I don't have Foxtel. I am distracted enough with the home and cooking shows on free to air. I was watching Restoration House last week when Little Moreton Hall was shown as an example of a black and white half timbered Tudor manor house.
Can you believe this place? It doesn't look real. I thought you may be interested in seeing it too. Has anyone visited it? You can read more about it here, it dates from 1504 and is sometimes called Old Moreton Hall.

On another matter, I was talking to a friend this morning and she was telling me about a seminar she is going to soon. It's all about how to get a job these days using social media and how to get recruiters to notice you in a sea of 500 applications. I thought it sounded pretty nifty. Remember when you read the job ads in the paper. You typed up your letter and posted it off with a copy of your resume? It seems things have changed somewhat from that. As a public service I've put a link to the details here for anyone who is interested. I know there are a lot of people out of work at the moment and many others expecting to be any day now.
It's not really surprising. Where have all the people gone? I parked in the city during Christmas. I parked for 46 minutes and lined up to pay a machine $44. Surely at that rate the carpark owners could provide a human to take my money?
Remember when there was a person at the petrol pump to put the petrol in your car? Now it costs $80 to fill the tank and you have to do it yourself. There used to a rubbish man to drive the truck and two others hanging off the back to empty the bins. Now there is just the one in an automated truck.
Where are all these people? What are they doing now? Let's just say it's a worrying trend and it doesn't make sense.
Now let's look move on to something cheerier. Here's a picture of Don to cheer us up. I've seen season 5 finally. I know I don't generally come across as an optimist, but I just know that Don and Betty will get back together again soon. I'm serious.


  1. Don and Betty getting back together?
    Get out of town.

  2. A girlfriend of mine thinks Don and Betsy will get back together as well ... while I would love to see them back together I don't think the Mad Men writers will go down that path ... it would be too easy. Not long now until we find out. Can't wait. Am not looking forward to it being over though.

  3. What do you mean 'it being over'? No! Season 6 is not the last one is it?

  4. Am sorry to say they have confirmed that Season 7 will be the last season ... only two more to go ... sad.