Monday, February 11, 2013

Pretty pictures

I have just purchased a gigantic white cane lounge setting to go in our living room. We won't land it there though until I have revamped the seat covers.
This is the room it is going in.
The room was a later addition to the house around the Great Depression. It is an original indoor/outdoor room, and essentially a built in verandah. The concertina doors on the left hand side go out to the pool and the verandah has yellow and white awnings, which are very visible from inside this room.
Yellow is not a very forgiving colour. I really only like it with white, black or grey. I detest blue and yellow together, I'm working more toward a yellow/turquoise combo?
I'm thinking of grey linen covers with bit of turquoise here and there, namely in Perrier the stuffed peacock who will go in this room also?
I haven't done any research on line for a long time. I found some very pretty pictures, most of which are unrelated to this room, but I thought you may be interested to see?
These photos below are from our mate Stuart Membery. They're very beautiful, but not really my thing - too much blue, too close to the yellow.

I also found these lovely ideas.
This is The Ivy in Sydney. That's a gorgeous acid yellow.
Love this blue.
I think this kitchen is beautiful.
That's all.


  1. I recently saw black & white stripe cushions piped with yellow fabric and teamed with a grey and yellow cushion. Looked surprisingly good! Letitia x

  2. I think whatever you choose will be just fab. You have a knack. There was once a time when I only wore Stuart Membery. That's all I wore. I loved him.

  3. check out white black at yellow decor at the Viceroy hotel by Kelly Wearstler.

    Love your home x