Friday, October 11, 2013

Up To Pussy's Bow

I know that negativity is frowned upon these days, but there's only so much I can take. I've had it up to pussy's bow with seeing this sort of shenanigans.
Is the Council actually trying to preserve it's self proclaimed 'character areas' or are they not? They say one thing and yet it seems every week I notice some poor house falling victim to this type of 'creativity' or whatever misguidance was involved.
This house is in Girraween Grove, near my sister's house, and I watched this disaster unfold week by week.
Girraween Grove is the quintessential Ashgrove streets, wide with trees down the centre. Ashgrovian houses sit side by side, some gabled, with verandahs, big green gardens, some leadlighting, a bit of curly wrought iron in the gates. It's elegant and beautiful, and then someone has come along and plonked this eyesore right in the middle of it.
The same Council who harps on about heritage protection has, just in recent years, allowed the Regency Theatre to be knocked down and the Shingle Inn to be removed by developers - the latter apparently under the condition it was relocated, but instead it was 'misplaced'.
Brisbane doesn't have enough beautiful buildings to be so nonchalant with their preservation.
I've been stewing on that for a while. I feel a bit better now.


  1. What a travesty! The poor house looks sooo embarrassed; I feel its pain.

  2. I couldn't agree more! Meanwhile, we have attempted to restore our Queenslander (in a DCP) and maintain the character features and Council couldn't have made it more difficult (or expensive!).

  3. couldnt agree more. it is an embarrassment

  4. That house is just all a bit odd and random... Weird.

  5. Gawd...., I think I can see about 5 different personalities in that place. It must be feeling so confused.

  6. I agree that visually it is very confusing,there is just so many elements not happy to work together!
    I guess everyone has different visions & some how that got approved.
    Oh well,there is a happy home owner out there,who obviously has put a lot of time into it,is happy,& not confused
    X A

    1. No I don't think they're happy with it either. Now that it's finished it's just gone on the market. The people responsible will take flight and the poor neighbours are left with this debacle to look at every day.

  7. typical spec renovation for on sale. One would need to negotiate a discounted price to remedy the works.
    Don't get me started on BCC re town planning and neighbourhood plans. Why bother putting in place these plans if they are not going to comply with them?

  8. You are right!
    So frustrating that this is being accepted by Council!
    X A
    Ps white picket fence going up any day & turf being layed in front yard,cannot wait!
    Will send through a pic

  9. Totally agree. Whenever my husband and I drive past something like that, we say someone's done a big "dump" on the street. And the people who create these monstrosities never stay on, no, they make a quick buck and move. But what they don't realise if they did a tasteful heritage renovation their profit would be a lot more,

  10. That's terrible. It really is. It's happening here where we live too. Mostly to quite charming post-war homes which have been renovated into these monstrous McMansions. Shame we can't legislate for taste. xx

  11. Agreed - that is horrid!! And yes, there is too much of it around. I'm glad the 'stained timber slats' period is done and dusted and people seem to be going back to good old fashioned lattice.