Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The quagmire
All the rain we've had hasn't delayed work starting after all. The builders have just finished day five of excavation. For the past two days the rock breaker has been hard at work. Breaking rocks is very noisy work would you believe.
Poor Euphemia looks as though she's having major surgery rather than a facelift.
My husband is keeping a sharp eye on work and has already diverted a couple of minor mishaps.
I have spent the weekend in Melbourne with a friend. I was keeping a sharp eye on all things decorative. I encountered one store, not sure of the name, but it had loads of sweeties, all old, iron and French. If it had been possible I would have loved to fold up an old iron bench and slip it in my bag.
I was in Melbourne for the hail storm on Saturday afternoon. In fact, the inclement weather actually made my plane flight home so turbulent that at one point, the plane seemed to go into free fall, and everyone screamed - disaster movie style! I'll take a little time to get over that one.
Now safely back on the ground I have to get back to business. This afternoon the builders were hinting that they may be coming upstairs earlier than expected to start work.
I'm dreaming of taps and tiles, and loving it!

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