Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The ifs and butts of renovating
The builders have all but finished. Someone is coming back tomorrow to attach the locks and handles on the doors and windows, but that's about it.
Once the tiling and electrical things are complete, there will still be some finicky details to take care of, but other than that we won't be seeing much more of the builders.
Craig the painter is getting through the prep work and may start spraying the undercoat on the weekend.
In my last post I said I was sad that work was coming to an end. Well, today I'm not. The end can't come soon enough.
Gruff Bill the tiler has started work. I've not had much to do with Bill, he's only there for a week or so, but this afternoon we had a few words. Bill likes to smoke while he works, then apparently he likes to stub his butts out on our timber floors!!
I gritted my teeth and asked him as politely as I could if he'd mind flicking his butts outside - lest our house burn to the ground!!!
I think Gruff Bill thinks I'm a bit uptight, and maybe I am.

Here are some coloured bits of fluff to calm me down.
This is actually a shower curtain and it's available by mail order from If you think you love it, look it up, but be warned. It's available in other colour stories too. I find when I see something I love and decide to buy it immediately, then find it's available in other colours, I get so confused that I don't end up getting anything at all.
This house above is a bit how ours will look. Black floors, white walls. Crying out for some colour bursts.


  1. asking someone even your tiler to not smoke or stub out his butts is not at all unreasonable - it is your house and I think that is very offensive

  2. What is with some tradies - totally clueless! You tell them!!!!
    Love the black floors, thinking I should have done the same. Anyway, looks gorgeous and I can't wait to see your home finished. I am sure it is going to be just beautiful.

  3. OMG what a cheeky bugger, smoke outside you pratt. It's your property & the last thing you want is a smoke smell wafting though gross.

  4. i love this courtins (first photo)
    Thanks from spain