Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Today I went out to buy a new continental quilt, and in my own grand tradition of disastrous shopping, I came home with a curtain rod and a rug instead.
The rug is for the children's room. I'm focusing on red and pink, along with the black and white which is all through the house.
Thus, began my web search when I got home to get a better picture in my mind of a pretty bedroom.
Instead of inspiration I discovered one pompous, exaggerated, fussy, over-the-top example after another.  What becomes of the child who grows up in this....
This one below isn't too bad, but I'm easing you into them.
This one is actually pretty cute too, but I think it could be toned down a bit, as in losing the satin bedspread.
This one below would be cute for the big girl, the modern day Holly Golightly.
Ok, this is getting ridiculous.
I think someone has tried to keep a lid on this one below, by using blue instead of pink.
Very camp!
And of course, for the child who is never required to enter reality - ever.
I think I'll either throw everything together and see what happens for this room, or put a bit more research into it??? Either way I think we'll be going a little more low key!

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  1. Someone recently posted some lovely kids bedroom shots... sorry that I can't remember who it was (I even posted a comment - how embarrasing!). If I find it, I will let you know. Arrggghhh!