Saturday, January 7, 2012

Eyebrows, salmon and butterflies

Like 99% of the population right now, my husband and I are what is best described as 'detoxing'. It's actually a welcome relief after Christmas. Too many nights of going to bed feeling as stuffed as the Christmas turkey can take its toll.
I've been in the kitchen whipping up spa-style food, low in everything. Because old habits die hard, and because I am (only technically speaking) a Catholic, we had fish for dinner last night, being Friday and all.
I created this salmon and soba noodle salad. Light, fragrant, delish! I'm sure some food has medicinal qualities, which work instantly.

I started with two big slabs of fresh pink salmon.
To make the noodle salad, first of all use a vegetable peeler to slice thin pieces of carrot, cucumber and thinly sliced red onion. Put them in a bowl and mix through a teaspoon of salt. Set aside to pickle for at least half an hour, an hour ideally.
Cook your soba noodles and run through cold water to cool them. Add the drained pickled carrot, cucumber and red onion. Throw in some mint leaves (or coriander, or both) and some sliced mango.
To make the dresser mix a tablespoon of honey, 1/4 cup tamari (gluten free soy sauce), 1/4 cup rice wine vinegar and three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Toss through the noodles.
Cook your salmon in some hot olive oil, adding in some crushed peanuts at the end.
Then you've just got to assemble it on the plate.

My husband has added the eyebrows to the front of the house. Previously, it looked like this.
Now it looks like this. Whether they're on your house or your face, eyebrows are important.

Finally, I got this little gem at Target for $12. Despite my current decluttering projects in various rooms, I just
couldn't leave this behind.


  1. Nice brows! They frame your house bewd-ee-flea. Your salmon looks scrumptious too.

  2. Love those eyebrows. The rounded edge and the hole make them look so lovely. Not quite sure why we didn't go with that for our old girl, it would have looked so nice..... I will try that salmon dish too.

  3. The brows look great. Really finish the house off. What a bargain purchase with the cushion! It looks great on the chair. Ange