Friday, January 27, 2012

Joan Collins and Tim Minchin

I picked up this little gem at a thrifty today for 50c, or maybe it was 20c? I know Joan Collins from the mid 80s when I'd watch Dynasty with Mum, and we'd be horrified at how terrible Alexis was, and how saintly Krystle was. Bad Alexis. Good Krystle. Ying/Yang.
I would never have paid this book much attention had it not been for a) Faux Fuchsia showing me Joan in a new light, and b) it reminds me of a similar book I have which should have gone to the op shop years ago, it's in a similar vein, by Britt Eckland.
I've only had a quick flick, but I can tell already it's gold. The book was released in 1994, but she's very forward thinking with regards to her health practices; fatty fish, olive oil, nuts, red wine, juice and raw food. On the other hand she's comfortingly old school and loves to sunbathe and smoke a few cigarettes each day, quaint.
Reading through the pages she actually comes across as very likeable. She's a very pretty lady. Not many people can pull of a gold lame string bikini.

This above, is the more classic Joan.

Speaking of classic, with all this rain we have a solid dose of cabin fever here, and I have busily been whizzing up one classic retro-licious meal after another.
We've done shepherd's pie, with lamb thank you very much and a sweet potato mash...and mushy peas.
Crepes, which were presented a la savoury with bacon and corn suspended in a white cheese sauce inside. I even taught myself to flip them without using an egg flip, that is tossing them in the air. Quite spectacular.
If this rain doesn't let up soon who knows what I'll do next to keep occupied; cross-stitching, scrap booking, bonsai-ing.
Tomorrow night we are going to see Tim Minchin, in a show called Tim Minchin vs the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. I'm tres excited. He's a comedian/poet/singer/composer/pianist/social commentator/genius.  In this house we love the ginger god.


  1. Have a great time at the concert tonight!

    PS I LOVE your yellow striped awnings - so sunny and cheerful, despite the rain ...

  2. Joan and Tim have the same eye make up...