Saturday, January 7, 2012

Yayoi Kusama

We went to the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) this morning. They had drawings of Matisse as their main exhibition, which we didn't both with, sorry Henri.
Instead we went to see Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama, who I have never heard of in my life. The lady loves colour, so I loved her.
It's a beautiful exhibition, especially if you're taking children. The highlight was the spotty room, which was originally completely white, but every child who enters gets a sheet of coloured dots to put where ever they choose, so the result looks like this.
There's giant flowers....
...and stunning canvases...and more, but blogger is driving me mad so I can't upload them. Safe to say, if you're a fan of colour, see it if you can
I thought the State Library is looking great, as is our fair city.
Thought I'd drop this in as an aside. This is a healthy snack that my girls love, and your children may too if you're runing out of ideas. It's natural yogurt with raspberries and honey drizzled over the top.


  1. Oh this has really inspired me to go to GOMA before school goes back. It looks fantastic. I also love the dessert suggestion - we often have that, and bad mother that I am, I also blend frozen raspberries, yoghurt and honey and then present it as "ice cream" to my 7 year old son who loves it.

  2. The healthy snack looks delicious. Thanks for the idea - I think the kids and the adults in this house would love that. Ange