Saturday, July 3, 2010

The countdown
We didn't get as much done this week as we thought we might have, but we are still on track to move back in on about Tuesday, July 13th?
The plumber didn't recover and was a no-show all week. He said he'll be there Monday and Tuesday to get everything fitted.
The electrician turned up and fitted most of the lights. We are very happy with the three lights over the kitchen island.
This coming week I haved to put my mother's house back in order, and take the rest of our belongings back to Euphemia.  I also need to be handy for the plumber and electrician in case they have any queries.
I will be writing lists like a mad woman this week. I have also been known to write lists of lists I need to make. Tick! Tick! Tick!
The floorsander begins Tuesday or Wednesday and thinks he'll be done by next Saturday. We have decided to use his products rather than the Porter's Palm Beach Black. We are picking over the bones of our budget, and our options are; (i) to get the floor sanded and do the rest ourselves (which extends our time dramatically) or (ii) pay the floorsander to do the whole lot and use his Feast Watson products. The finish will still be dark and waxy.
This is how the kitchen is looking thus far.
My husband fitted the taps today, just so we could see how they look, although they aren't plumbed in yet.

The main bathroom is coming along too, but it's not as photogenic as the kitchen. We are in the process of painting the pressed metal before the bath goes in early in the week.
You can see above how the metal looks when it is first installed. Once painted it gives the plain white wall more texture. There is still masking tape all over the place, and the tiles need a good wash.
These mosaic tiles (below) are from Johnson Bros (I'm not sure who that is?). They are called white, but once all up they appear more of a pale, public hospital green, which I actually love, right or wrong. The colour goes really well with the white and the nickel tapware. This little wall hides the loo and it will soon have two sconce lights on it, plus a white pedestal sink and .........

a beautiful mirror I bought on Ebay for $81. It's not a big space and I was having trouble finding a mirror that would fit, but was really wrapped to find this one.

Speaking of Ebay, I also purchased this little old medicine cabinet below for $49 from my new favourite seller, theoldboatshed. Katherine also has a blog called where she shows all the best pieces from estate sales she's purchased. All very exciting, if you're into that sort of thing.

I will also try and take some photos of our ensuite tomorrow. The dust sheets over the floor are gone, the wall sconces and shower are in. It's all looking good. Wish I'd used more of the marble though.
Tomorrow I also need to finally, finally decide on the colours for the front and back doors.  Once and for all. 
Currently leaning towards turquoise or red for the front door and grey or turquoise for the back door. With a white house and black floors, there are about 150,000 colours which would suit. Not an easy process for someone who spends half an hour pondering which ice cream to have from the shop every Sunday afternoon..... and I always end up with the trusty old Maxibon.
I wonder if some paint company, somewhere, has a colour called Maxibon?


  1. How lovely does your kitchen look!!! You must be so pleased? And I love the painted pressed metal - great feature. You mirror will work perfectly and I recognise that little medicine cabinet! I saw that at Katherines site and it caught my eye because I had just done a post on one from our old bathroom which I painted white and will use in our boys bathroom downstairs when we get to that.... How nice that you are now on the countdown... Keep posting your lovely pictures as I am really enjoying seeing your home come together. Very exciting!

  2. Simply Gorgeous!!! So much progress! Your kitchen is just deee-lish!

  3. Just found your blog via Anita's and love it!
    I too thought I was getting white mosaic tiles that turned out to be green but they are growing on me. I have used Dulux White on White in my last 3 houses and love it!
    I am very much looking forward to following your blog and your reno progress.

  4. The kitchen is looking awesome!! You lucky thing, Love the mix of modern little tiles and the old pressed metal!

  5. Your kitchen looks wonderful, it really suits the style of house. I'm planning something similar for my Queenslander, but I'm stuck on the splashback. Glass would be practical but too modern. I love the look of your white tiles but I worry about keeping the grout clean. Hmmm decisions! Can't wait to see your kitchen finished with everything installed.

  6. Hi there,

    I've given you an award. It's on my blog for you to pick up!