Friday, July 9, 2010

Through the keyhole
Euphemia is pretty much closed to us at the moment until the top coats go on the floor over the weekend. I had to take this most recent photo by sticking the camera through a broken pane of glass at the front door.
We've taken the plunge, there's no turning back now.
We've gone from this... this....

The floors got their second coat of Pitch Black stain only a couple of hours before this photo was taken, and as you can see it's not entirely soaked in yet.
Don't panic! The floors will come up beautifully although it does look a tad extreme at the moment.
EDMI (estimated date of moving in) is Wednesday.
I've had a few questions banking up in the comments which I thought I'd try and answer.
Firstly, I got our  'camp' sconce lights from Victorian Living on Windsor Road, Red Hill.  Note to parents of small children: do not take your offspring there. You'll see why when you get there.
Yes, we had considered Japan black for our floors, that's pretty much the traditional method, but it was going to be more involved and therefore cost more time and money. We also may not have got the inky black effect we were after.
Colourwise, for the front door I am considering a Resene colour called Sensual Red. Who names these paints? Hopefully, our house won't look like a brothel?
For the back door I have narrowed it down to either French Grey (which is more of a green colour) or one of about 400 turquoise/blue/green colours including Shampoo, Silk Road and a Tiffany's blue. I was also considering painting both doors in a different shade of turquoise/blue/green.
On the weekend we will be packing up and shipping out of mother's house. 
Not long to go now. 


  1. Wow, Wednesday! Are you just a little way too excited? I think I am excited for you too. The floors are looking good but will look sensational by Monday no doubt. Can't wait to see... Thanks so much for sharing the details of who and where with your readers. I have been telling people how great it is that you are so willing to share. I really can't understand why people resist? What do they think they have to lose? Well I am sure you will be busy packing this weekend and I am going to have a look online at your colours - don't you just love that name. I think a red door will look fab! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. How is looking wonderful, cheers Katherine