Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Two more sleeps
At the moment we are staying with my husband's parents bayside, which is very nice. It's the calm before the storm, you could say.
The floor guy put the top coat on the floors this afternoon. Right at the end we had a hiccup. He was unable to fill borer holes in the floor because he couldn't get the putty to be a match with the floorstain.
This means that in a few of our floorboards the honeycomb effect will stay, although they are all very structurally strong. It doesn't bother me. We have said all along that it's an old house and we want it to look like that. The last thing we want is to ' over restore' it.
I'm so excited about moving in, although when I look at the number of bags and boxes under the house and the thick film of dust over them all, I could just cry. I have so much work to do.
Have been trying to imagine what it will all look like when finished. I will be taking some direction from Anna Spiro and India Hicks. As we say, fingers crossed!

Anyway, two more sleeps. Thursday here we come!!


  1. Hi, so glad I found your blog! Lovely images. We have finished stage one of our reno and are about to start stage 2 so I know how you feel about all your boxes etc. Just think ... you are very close now. Can't wait to see the after images when you move in! Have a great weekend. Michelle

  2. Hi cannot wait to read more of your inspiring story....I sat and read all posts.Couldn't help myself as it was so fascinating. Simply amazing. Hope all went well on Thursday and hope to see more pics. Have a great Sunday. Kym X