Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The crash and burn out
Sorry for being off air for so long. This will only be brief too. I've got a honking head cold and my back is giving me the heebie jeebies, as it's done for the past 19 months!
Craig the painter started on the outside of the house on Monday. He's buying the paint tomorrow or the next day so I really have to nail the colour toot sweet!
I tried all our prissy little chopping boards in the kitchen. We got one with the sink and I had a couple of those tiny ones that you just pop back in the cupboard when you're finished, but they were all most unsatisfactory. In the end I tarted up our old butcher's block and plopped it at the end of the island bench. I think it works quite well.
I've also found most of my cookbooks now and have put them in the pantry. I'm still missing my favourite one, Retro Classics, so there is potentially another box of recipe books somewhere. I've got three shelves of them thus far and I use every single book!!

On Saturday night I hosted my first dinner party and invited my girlfriends around from my mother's group. We had a fun time and finished at nearly 2am! I think the neighbours got a kick out of seeing me skulking around all day Sunday like I was trying to balance books on my head.
I made these little rosewater scented meringue kisses and decorated with the most stunning pink roses from the foodstore at Rosalie, the only place to be buying your flowers!! This bunch was huge, pink, fresh and gorgeous and cost $15.

On Sunday we also took a trip down to Manly. My husband wanted to photograph an awning he'd seen there at a convent. A similar one will go over our downstairs french doors. It's very similar to the arbour we have beside our pool, so it will fit in very well.

That's it for me for the moment....


  1. Hi, your kitchen looks fantastic. Are you happy with your floors and the stain you chose? Just wondering as I'm contemplating doing mine - 100 years old and never stained, just black japaned around the the edges so it kind of makes sense to do the rest of them black. Bit scared of choosing the right stain though!

  2. We used a Resene product called Pitch Black (2 coats) although it might have been under the brand Crown (?) owned by Resene. It might be just because our paths and driveway aren't done yet and there is a lot of dust around, but they seem very difficult to keep clean. Have you thought of keeping the Japan edges and polishing the rest in their natural colour? There's also another product called Porters Palm Beach Black which you might want to check out too. It's meant to have a charcoal type sheen on it. We were going to use it, but ran out of time.