Monday, August 2, 2010

Yellow, white, pink and black
I've got a lamb roast in the oven and it's got about 10 minutes to go, so this post will have to be snappy.
While I am on the mend, my poor husband has the dreaded germ. Now I'm back on my feet I have been busy de-cluttering. My intention was to Ebay through it, but I'm impatient and I've mostly been giving away or throwing away.
I thought you may like to see these.
They may look like a pair of spartan white curtains, but they are in fact a pair that I made myself, with my own bare hands. They are actually a cotton/silk blend, beautifully sheer fabric. They may not be too testing in their design, but as any non-sewing person will appreciate, they involved me having the intention, planning, getting out the machine, actually starting and the most difficult part of all, the completing. I'm quite happy with them. I've got more to do for another room. The only hitch was that I lost one of the timber balls on the curtain rod.
We had our second dinner party on the weekend. My friend Jane brought her 'new' boyfriend, whom she met last new year's eve, in the morning. She was walking home from the gym when she dropped her ipod and it went down a drain. This man stopped to help her, and as he was driving away she was berrating herself for not getting his phone number. When she looked up he'd done a u-turn and came back to ask her out for dinner. Now they're moving in together! Big sigh.
Before they arrived I decided to try and tart up the livng room. Our decorating budget being a big fat nil, I decided to break out some new pillows I'd bought way back before the renovation. They added some great colour.

Who knew that yellow, white, pink and black would hit it off so well?

I've got a good feeling about that room. I think it's going to come up top of the pops once it's done.

View from the pool area...painting is in progress.
Have been trying to hunt down a fab rug for next to nothing. It seems the only rugs I love come at the cost of a Hyundai Excel. Question. Has anyone ever seen artificial grass used as an indoor rug? Don't panic. Just workshopping some ideas.
Roast is done.
P.S. Does anyone know someone in Brisbane who can stitch me up some new cushion covers for the cane chairs (pictured above)? I can't do zips, and I wanted some piping too?


  1. Oh I love your friends story - like a true fairy tale.

    Your pool area is Fab & the room looks so comfy & inviting - like you could sit & chat for hours.


  2. The house is looking great. I don't do sewing sorry but perhaps if you took them to the local dry cleaners? Sometimes they do alterations etc... Good luck! What colours are you painting the outside of your home?

  3. I think that fabric place half way along Newmarket Road (on the left if you're coming from Windsor) also does cushions. Glad you're feeling better. The house looks very warm and inviting.


  4. Hi I drove past the fabric place yesterday, it's called Brisbane Fabric Market and all I managed to see on it's sign is that they do upholstery and curtains..I think they may be able to help.

    Cheers Catherine

  5. Hi Catherine, thanks for the tip, although when we were in our last house I had the Brisbane Fabric Market out to do a quote on curtains for two bedrooms. It came to $3,500!! The curtains were nothing too exotic, I think one set was even gingham. I was hoping for someone who just sews from home or something?

  6. WOW that is horrible. I might ask a couple of fashion students I know at QUT. One is doing her PhD (although she's off to NY for a couple of months really soon) and the other just did an internship with Karen Walker. You never know who you can turn up asking about.


    BTW I'm living a little vicariously through your reno while I get quotes for some work at my own home.Thanks for sharing.

  7. Love your story - adore your choices. I have just found and read every blog entry you have made (in reverse so as to attain the full picture).
    Enjoy your most beautiful home.
    As for the upholstery work - try local fabric stores or even quilting shops - they are women that sew and may just know someone who could help you out.