Friday, August 27, 2010

Talking turquoise....and pink
With football dominating our television tonight, and me being too tired to read, I was left no alternative but to 'surf' turquoise for inspiration. You have to do a lot of searching to find a better colour than turquoise, whether it's in its pale duck egg state or something more vibrant like a peacock. It's beautiful.

Then there's turquoise's friend, pink.


  1. What a great eye candy post! Especially if you like those colours - which I do! ;-)

  2. Gorgeous colour combo - it's one of my favourites, and probably why it features so often in my artwork! It's hard to go wrong with such a bright and happy colour scheme - love it. K

  3. Pink and turquoise are 2 of my favourites.Ii want that pink bath.