Sunday, August 29, 2010

The quick tart up
As promised, I have included below a few snippets of my quick weekend 'tart up' for our visitors. I may have mentioned it before, but it's worth saying again, the only place to buy flowers is the Foodstore at Rosalie. For about $15 a bunch, sometimes less, you can get a magnificent bunch of super fresh flowers. This is what I got for the weekend.
Kale...for the lasts for weeks, and is also available in a purpley pink colour.

Yellow lillies for the coffee table.

These gorgeous trumpet shaped lillies for the kitchen.
I also finally broke out some old linen which I found in the house. This is a beautiful embroidered pillowslip and broderie anglaise trimmed sheet.

This morning whilst scooting through Redcliffe I spotted these stools outside an antique shop on Snook Street. I think it must be new-ish. It's called Tikkety Boo Antiques, or something like that. They were $25 each.  After a quick coat of apple green and some new cushion covers, they'll come up a treat.


  1. hey - fabulous stools - what a find! Your house really does look beautiful. By the way I am contemplating dark staining my floorboards like yours, any advice?


  2. advice would be to use a very reputable floor person, and to only use the products they are familiar with. I'm not sure I'd do black again, probably just a very dark natural colour, which we had in our previous house. I think our house has too much light for black floors. The floors look much better in the darker rooms. Lots of light seems to highlight every speck of dust on them, then again, that may not be because of the black floors? So in a nutshell, if you want a floor finish that's a bit out of the ordinary, pay the extra for someone who knows about them. Hope that helps?

  3. Love the floral arrangements and since I am not to far from Redcliffe, will have to check out the antique shop! Thanks for the tip!;-)

  4. I thought I recognised Mrs K's painting in the background. The place is looking awesome.

  5. Love the kale love the ginger jars love the cane.

    Who did your nice horse painting? Where'd you source it?

  6. The painting is called Carnival, and it was a gift from my husband's parents to our children. It's by a lady called Desley Kricker who is a local artist.

  7. Hey, It is a great shop and has been around for a long time. She has always had a great mix of funky retro and traditional antiques and is definetly one to add to any Antiques trail. Love the chairs, I got some yesterday that are a bit similar but unpainted.The house is looking wonderful, cheers Katherine