Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blue and green should never be seen
It's a rainy day here in old Brisvegas. My younger child and I have just returned from West End where we partook in a steamy bowl of Vietnamese noodle soup.
We were passing through West End from Sunnybank Hills on our way home from the cushion lady. A friend of a friend gave me the name and number of a wonderful lady who can sew my cushions. She does a fantastic job and is very, very reasonably priced.
I bought my fabric this morning for the new cushions for the living room chairs.

The green will go on a single cane chair I have. The blue patterned fabric is for a pair of cane chairs in the same room. The 'ribbon' is actually the piping for each.  I wanted the living room to be predominantly green and blue. It took me forever to decide on the fabrics because the green is actually also available in a brilliant canary yellow, tangerine and electric blue. I found a plain thicker fabric in a beautiful hot pink, but I think I'll save that for the daybed on the front verandah. It's awfully hard to focus on one thing when you're in the 'retail environment'.  I see so many 'notes to self' to keep in mind for future reference.
I got the fabrics from Spotlight would you believe. They have a lot of terrible stuff in there, but if you're willing to look, you can find some roses amongst the thorns. The green fabric was about $13/metre and the patterned blue was about $15/metre.
In the last day I've also managed to finally get a quilt cover for our bedroom.

We have a lot of pinks and reds at the front of the house, then more blues and greens at the back near the pool. This is quite a temporary cover, but I like it, it's red, and not too feminine. I only have a few more things to do in our bedroom and it will be finished...more photos to come.
Meanwhile, downstairs, I found a few more ditties to deal with.

This is a beautiful mirror, very large and very heavy with a black and gilt frame. We've had it for years, but never really put it anywhere fetching. It's more or less just been stored. I'm thinking of putting it inside the front door in the hall, but I'll need some sort of hall table to go with it.

I think this may be a colour lithograph. My husband's parents gave it to us. It's very, very big so I'm still trying to find the right spot for it. I'm very cautious about hanging things on the wall at this stage, until all our furniture is in place. This may go above the piano if it will fit? It's really lovely, just needs a bit of spit and polish on the frame.

This old floor lamp with table was in the house when we moved in. It's still got the original wiring in it. I think I'll need to have it rewired and then find a lamp shade. The lampshades I've seen for this size lamp have all been around $450! I'm going to have to be extra resourceful to find one that will fit the budget. The timber is a rich dark colour which just needs a polish. I think this will end up in the living room or dining room.

My husband and I have had these since before we were married. The colours in them are lovely and the pink and green will make them perfect for the living room to go with the pink and green glass windows. They also just need a tidy up.
P.S. Good news! I found the extra ball for my curtain rod. I feel more peaceful now.


  1. Lots of projects on the go! I hope you are having fun in your 'new' home.

  2. You have heaps to do! It can get a bit overwhelming can't it! You have some gorgeous treasures and some wonderful ideas.It will all come toegther.
    X Briohny.