Thursday, August 19, 2010

Planted junk
I seem to have the gift of making visualisations materialise before my very eyes. I'll give you two recent examples. I asked the children recently what they would really love to have in their playroom. A blackboard I was told. Then yesterday as I was whipping around in the Ishibishi, what should I eye sitting out for the council pick-up but a near near blackboard.
Fortunately, neither my pride, nor my dignity, ever gets in the way of a good rummage through other people's junk.
I had that baby snatched up and in the playroom in a matter of minutes!
Then, on a different matter, on my v. brisk walk through Paddington earlier in the week I spied a book in a window called 'Planted Junk'. I knew I would have to get that book and have a look at it, because I've got a few odd old things lying around that I thought I would grow plants in, like some old work boots and the old clawfoot bath, and some lovely old tins. (sorry that's a terribly bad sentence)
Then today in the library, amongst the thousands of books there, without even looking for it, what should I find, but.....yes.
It's got all kinds of ideas for recycling things as plant containers in the garden. Good in small doses I think, I wouldn't do too much of this sort of thing? Or maybe it needs to be full on, all over the place to be effective?
The book is by Adam Caplin. It reminds me of the outside version of another book I've got called Flea Market Style, also worth having a look at.
I got my cushions back today. This is my split cane chair before.

And this is it after....

It's shocking lighting I know. It looks much better in person I'd have to say. These are my other cane chairs before....

And after....they too look much better in person.

I was planning on spraying the cane a blue or turquoise, but I think I like the aged cane now? I've also lost a little bit of the motivation, it seems like it would be a very messy job to me.
I intend to do a bit more sprucing up in the living room tomorrow.


  1. You have to love a good council collection road side pick up! Also, your cushions look great! Love your cane chairs too.

  2. Your chairs came up a treat and look so cosy...Also I have a request - you must show us that gorgeous pergola roof thingy I saw a snippet of a few posts ago, it looks so interesting...please show more...Lisa

  3. I saw that book in the window too because that is where I catch the bus to the Coalface ( Iknow. The Glamour) Love your chairs.