Monday, August 9, 2010

Projects 1 through 99, 100!
We are making progress. We are making progress.
We had a productive weekend. My husband put the shorter bullnose roof over the upstairs bifold doors to stop the weather damaging them.
This was before.
And this is now. It also stops some of the afternoon sun which is a bonus.

However, everywhere I look I see something that needs doing: a window that needs a blind, fabric waiting to be made into a curtain, a piece of furniture that requires cleaning, polishing or painting.
This, above, is Gwennie's little timber sewing box with timber inserts. It still even has her sewing paraphenalia in it. I think all it needs is a clean-up and positioning somewhere worthy upstairs.
I don't know how many of these old souvenir teatowels I have, but I'm going to make them into pillowslips to go on a daybed on the front verandah. Not the most original idea, but I think they'll look fab.
This is another little timber box which only stands about 30cm high. It just needs a clean up too. It was in the house when we bought it.
These two old medicine cabinets need a tart up also. I'm thinking of painting one of them in Resene's metallic paint called Proton. Resene make unbelievably good metallic paints.
I've had this dresser base for years. I paid way too much for it in an unrestored condition, and then way too much again for it to be french polished. It got quite the scratch in it when we were moving, so I'll probably paint it. I'm thinking an olive green?
I had this chair repaired at And Woven Cane just down the road, and now I have to paint it too. The new cane under the arm rests sticks out like you know what. I had another motive for getting the chair repaired, I really want the corner store that And Woven Cane operates from ,as a cafe - my new project for next year? I'm not making much headway getting the shop. I think if I go in there again Mr Twaddle will call the police.  He's made it very clear he owns the store and he's not going anywhere soon. How selfish! What about me!!
Ah yes, another project, securing ourselves a proper clothesline. This is what we're operating with at the moment and it's not really cutting the mustard to be honest.
The piano that we 'inherited' with the house ended up on the front verandah during the renovation. It was then in the painters' way so we moved it into the living room on the weekend. It really should go downstairs, but we'd have to get professional piano movers to get it down there. It has a cast iron frame. It's nice to have around though and I love the smell of pianos. Yes, they do have an aroma, sniff one and see.
I gave it a once over with O-Cedar and jazzed up the top with some pretties and it looks great. I'll get it tuned one day, and I day?


  1. It will all come together...its just the time it takes. Its a great shop, isn't it? And he has very good skills.
    Are you really brave enough to paint the furniture???? Really/ Will you do it? Or, do you know someone who could??
    Wendy C

  2. Oh it is all looking so super gorgeous. How lucky are you having a handy husband!!! I love all the little treasures that came with the house... so special.. and lovely to see new life being breathed into them. A-M xx

  3. Hi Wendy, I will paint the furniture myself. All the pieces I'm intending to paint are not overly good quality. Plus, the paint can always be sanded off - if it's a total, total disaster.