Friday, August 13, 2010

Ahoy there, Captain Devoy!
Going back to Euphemia's past for a moment, I thought it was worth asking this question.
When we moved into the house last year I came across this cartoon illustration.
It's of a man called John Devoy. He was the boss at Castlemaine Perkins when Mr Baby's father worked there. John Devoy retired in 1932 and this illustration was part of his send off. It's been signed by all the staff at the brewery, including Mr Baby's dad. I have tried to find descendants of John Devoy to give this to them, but haven't had any luck tracking any of them down.
From my research I know that he used to live in the house called Woodlands, in Woodland Street, Ashgrove, although the house has been moved to it's current position from Ashgrove Avenue or somewhere, which is where it would have been when he lived there.
If I can't find any of John Devoy's family I'll give it to Mr Baby. From what he's told us, his father and John Devoy were good friends. I imagine that on the day John Devoy retired, he possibly had a few beers too many and went home forgetting this keepsake. Mr Baby's father took it home instead, meaning to give it to him, but never got around to it. I wonder how close I am to the real story?
I called Castlemaine Perkins to see if they were interested in it, but they weren't and didn't seem to even realise what relevance it would have to them. They are now owned by an international company. I'm sure Captain Devoy wouldn't be impressed by the current day operation.
Anyway, if anyone is related to this John Devoy or knows someone who is, please leave me a comment. Don't email me because my email has gone to the dogs and I haven't had a spare six hours to phone Optus to rectify the problem.
I'm hoping to be able to return it to the Devoy household soon - you know what they say, better 78 years late than never.


  1. That is a really nice gesture! I hope you find some clues soon. :-)

  2. Perhaps you could do a basic search on or something similar?

  3. Hey, not a bad idea. Although I don't really know anything about him except his name?

  4. I would contact the John Oxley Library. They maybe able to advise you.

  5. Oh the wonderful history lessons/journeys you are having with all these wonderful treasures. I will never tire of your stories! A-M xx

  6. Thank Goodness !!!
    I have been checking your blog every day since "false alarm" after reading from the start, and today I finally managed to get an update.....have no idea what went wrong, but good to see you are all settled in and things are going well.
    You must be so excited to be enjoying this beautiful old home, it will be even better in the warm weather.
    I think the tropical, semi formal idea for the garden is great, contained and manageable but laid back and resort feeling.A lot of sub tropical plants are low maintenance and water wise, there is a book called "Subtropical Plants" by Jaqueline Sparrow and Gil Hanly,it is published by Viking /Penguin and tells you everything and has lots of good photos.the one I have is paperback and a bit smaller than A4....try the library.

  7. Hey Julie
    I didn't know you were so entertaining. Great story.
    Happy Birthday to you know who from you know who.