Friday, August 27, 2010

The great outdoors
We have been very busy lately with 'things' in general. I've had nothing much to report on the house specifically.
Last weekend we did some gardening. We ripped out the last remnants of Euphemia's original garden, at the front of the house. Some of it got destroyed while the front verandah was being rebuilt, but there was still the old hydrangea, croton and some demon Chinese elms.
Afterwards, we ended up with a lovely blank canvas.....

The soil is fantastically dark and rich. Now all we have to do is design and plant our new garden. I've gone off the tropical idea, and I'm back onto my regular formal-type jobby.
With the last bit of the garden gone, we've now got uniform rubble from the front fence to the back.

This afternoon we recieved a truckload of sandstone rocks to begin the landscaping.My husband is very excited to get moving with our plans.

Tomorrow night we are having some friends around for dinner. I'll use this as the impetus to get into a bit more tarting up. I'll hang some more paintings, do a bit of re-arranging and tidying, and I'll take a few snippets to share.
The lounge room is fast becoming my favourite room. On such a beautiful Friday afternoon as this, I'm looking forward to Summer so we can have it opened up at night too.

I hope you all have a great weekend.....

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  1. I hope you'll let some tropical plants into your formal garden, they really are the bomb and ask for so little. Your soil looks 9000 times better than mine which is rubbish despite the fact that I have lovingly fed it compost and mulch and dug stuff into it for years. So unfair.