Monday, July 5, 2010

First colours....then pitch black!

This morning I got out of bed, all full of bravado, ready to nail those front and back door colours, finally.
While the children ate breakfast I went over them again, logically breaking down the reasons for choosing one colour over another.
An hour later I bundled up the colour charts and the children, and went to the house to look at it AGAAAAIN.
Twenty minutes later we went to our favourite cafe in Paddington. I thought the surroundings might inspire me to see the forest rather than the trees, or whatever. (I'd tell you which cafe is our favourite, but since it was featured in the Courier Mail a few months ago, there is now a line for breakfast on a Sunday and the prices seem to have gone up by about 25%. I make it my personal rule not to line up for food unless there's a war on)
This didn't seem to help and when we were leaving the waitress called out to me because I'd left the colour charts on the table. 'Must be subconsciously trying to get rid of them', I said to her.
Then as we were crossing Latrobe Terrace to get back to our car I dropped the whole bundle right in the middle of the road. I may have even screamed a bit. I just had to grab the little hands and get us all to the footpath before we were squashed by a bus. Once to safety we turned to see the colour charts all churned up by car wheels, and spread all over the road. There was no saving them.
My latest brilliant find is The Paint Place at Milton, just near that American burger chain. They have everything there including Porters Paints and Resene.
I went to check out floor products. One of the men there took me through a few different products including Palm Beach Black. None of them seemed quite right.
After stocking up on some replacement colour charts, we all boarded the 'ishi bishi' and went to the nursery. Enroute from the paint shop to the nursery we passed through Paddington again. My colours had mostly been blown into the gutters. I think I was meant to start again anyway.
I wanted to get some annual seedlings to put in my mother's front garden, to take the focus away from all the plants I've killed in the back garden. We finally got them planted and watered, and I was happy our day ended productively.
Later in the day my husband visited the same paint store also looking for a solution for our floors. Apparently, just after I had left the man had thought of another product but by the time he got outside we were gone. It seems we're now using something called Pitch Black by Resene. Will let you know how it goes.
The plumber showed today and we unwrapped the bath. It's very cute. The silver grey colour is very subtle.
The box brownie was going flat so I was only able to photograph a couple of things from the ensuite.

Above is the marble tiled floor. It hasn't been cleaned yet, but I'm very happy with it. It's a classic.

Ok, these sconce lights are a bit camp, but my thinking was that they would contrast well with the cold, hard marble floor? I'll wait and see how the whole picture looks.
Ta da! I've been meaning to post a picture of this for ages. This is my kitchen bin!

The reason for my excitement over a bin is that I loathe the rubbish problem in kitchens. I'm always using the sink for vege scraps and hanging old shopping bags over door handles for other rubbish, and then there's the recycling bits all over the benchtop.

With this nifty bin I have compartments for green scraps, recycling and general rubbish. Everyone asks what the fourth one is for, but I'm not sure yet. Maybe it will become apparent once I start actually using the kitchen?

As for the colours for the doors, well... the painter will finish up everything inside tomorrow, then he'll take a couple of weeks off before starting the outside. He'll do the doors when he comes back, so I've got quite a lot of extra time up my sleeve, hopefully enough. Maybe I'll end up resorting to a lucky dip?


  1. Loving the marble floor - very stylish! Where are your 'camp' sconses from? I quite like those... What colour are you painting the outside of the house and what colours samples (that blew away)did you have selected for your front door? Perhaps a little blog advice might help you? Why not put it out there? It is still your choice at the end of the day but sometimes it helps?

  2. Oh the foreshadowing I can read into stray comments when I'm unable to sleep in the middle of the night.I thought you were going to say that after seeing the tire marks over the colour chart your decided that a gloss black would be the colour for your doors.

    I have severe lust in my heart for your marble floors.


  3. Love the marble too. Have you thought about Japan Black for your floors? It's the traditional way really that they did floors back in the old days. Our place has original Japan black and we love it. It ages beautifully and has a little more character than black paint I think. Might be worth investigating.

  4. LOVE the sconces... so suited to your style of reno and tie in beautifully with the marble. Good luck with the colours. My bathrooms paralysed me... they are my biggest fear. A-M xx

  5. YOur marble floor is to die for! And I want one of those rubbish bins :)

    B is building a house