Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Found: Lost World

For many years my husband and I have dreamt of having a weekender. I'm sure when he thinks of this he pictures himself with an axe in hand, chopping up some firewood or looking out thoughtfully over the rugged landscape.
For me, I picture myself sitting dolefully in an Adirondack chair, white obviously, under the shade of a 200 year old tree, with an army of peacocks prancing around the perfect lawn.
I may even drift off into dreamland briefly, only to be woken by a gentle pecking about the head from one of these.
Too much? While I'm at it, can I add a tennis court? It's not that I love tennis, but I think there is nothing as luxurious on a steamy Summer afternoon than the sound of a tennis ball being lopped back over the net, not by me of course.  Anyway, back to this weekender idea. We love nothing better than a good pipe dream around here, so quite often on a weekend we explore various parts of South East Queensland.
Last weekend we were sniffing around one side of Lamington National Park, and we came across a beautiful area. It was called the Lost World, can you believe it? You can have a good look at it here.
These are our photos.

It was far more spectacular in person, of course. We pulled up a blanket under one of those trees and had ourselves a picnic. Peaches got into the spirit of things, but Mim didn't like the way the cows were looking at us.

So she took her lunch in the car, and spent the whole time eyeing off the cows suspiciously as though they may be concealing bows and arrows? Mim gets visibly uncomfortable when we go bush, she's thoroughly a city girl.

My job is going well, I enjoy it, but I'd have to say my domestic chorin' has suffered. I didn't have the bar set terribly high pre-job, but the house has really gone to hell-in-a-handbag over the last month.
There are shelves in our fridge (that's shelves, plural) with absolutely nothing on them. I tried to take a photo but the camera was flat! I have not one, not two, but three laundry baskets of ironing.
It takes me half an hour to make up the lunch boxes in the morning because I have to scrounge around so long for something to put in them.
I have an actual 'pile' of school newsletters and information that I'm yet to read.  I can't remember the last time I vacuumed the floor, and let me tell you, you can tell that's how long it's been.
I'm just about to go off and write a shopping list....on a roll of toilet paper, and tomorrow I'm doing the biggest grocery shop the world has ever seen. Look for a picture of me in the paper!!


  1. Now, time for a re-frame. You're working! ( good to hear it's going well) You deserve to have home support! Outsource that ironing..... work another day..... get the house cleaned. Seriously.

  2. I truly admire working mothers. I don't know how you do it. I agree with Wendy C ... if you can afford to outsource the household chores you should ... I know this probably defeats the purpose of you working but even if you outsource some of it ... like the ironing ... people do it for nix. Look at your local supermarket at those billboard ads ... or your local Westside news. The people who do it from home charge a lot less than those who do it as a business.

  3. Your life sounds just like mine - yay now I don't feel quite so hopeless!


  4. My house is exactly the same at the moment as well. I'm off to do a huge grocery shop today and then get into the housework tomorrow. It never ends... Ange