Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hundreds of dollars later....

I did the mammoth food shop. I went to two supermarkets, the greengrocer, the butcher and the bakery. It took me six trips from the car to get everything into the house, and about an hour to put it all away.
Pantry before...mostly a collection of empty jars.

Pantry after...jam packed!!

Fridge before....

...and after. Sorry about the photo quality.

Fruit bowls (plural).

We now have to work our way through the perishables, down to the non-perishables, very methodically. Spanakopita tonight, made with two beautiful fresh bunches of silverbeet!! That's two vego dinners in a row. I don't want anything to do with meat at the moment, after the whole live exports thing.
Now that that's sorted, I shall endeavour to address more interesting topics in the future.


  1. Your not alone, I think we have all been there! Dinner looks yum, agree about the export issues. Go visit Faux Fuschia! ;-)

  2. I get a great sense of achievement when I do a big shop, even if it is an arduous task. Mimi xx

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