Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Small but effective

It's amazing how a few new cushions can 'freshen up' a room, they're like the lounge room equivalent of a  new lipstick. These are my new cushions.
I don't like to use the 'h' word, so let's just say my husband 'intensely dislikes' a lot of cushions. I'm sorry to break it to you ladies, but they're all like this. If your man-friend says hé likes your cushion arrangements, he's either lying or he's gay. It's that simple.
I popped into Boswell's bookshop today in Ashgrove. It is an excellent book exchange. I was whizzing down to the back of the shop when, on passing something boring like the military section, I noticed this.
It's a 1964 copy of Beautiful Butterflies, which looks tres ordinary on the front, but inside it has 54 full colour plates like these.

It was obviously sitting there waiting for me, because it was on the wrong shelf, with its front cover facing out, rather than its spine like all the other books. I was onto its signal in no time. I plan to frame the plates and hang them on the wall. They're too pretty to be hidden in a book.
Congratulations to us all for halting the live cattle exports, even if it is temporary. It's such  a relief.


  1. My hubby makes no comment about anything homey lol so I can have a hundred cushions cant I? or no as grandkids have them everywhere lol.Love the colour plates I have one with birds but not many are me so may use them in a giveaway.

  2. Love your new cushions. I must have a bit of testosterone running through me as I'm not a fan of a lot of cushions. I like a couple, but I want to sit down without having to remove all of them first.

    What a find with the book! It looks fabulous.

    TDM xx

  3. Oh I know...!! (doing my best Sybil Fawlty), if my H had his way, we'd have just one, his lumpy and very drab old favourite, on our lounge...

  4. Oh, I'm ggrreen with envy!!! Love the cushions and the butterflies...well ,my heart she is a-fluttering.

  5. Yep, my hubby despises cushions too...but I love yours! And those butterfly pictures are lucky are you to have that book?!?

  6. Mr FF loathes over-cushioning too, and he always chucks everything on the floor! Love your butterflies. How COLD is it???