Saturday, February 12, 2011

The birds
Putting a nail into a pristine, pure white wall is not for the faint hearted. There's much umming and aahing to be done before the first blow of the hammer.
I did a lot of holding things up on the wall and tilting my head, but not much hammering. I did however, manage to put up this set of plates.
They were all part of Motherwell's bounty, apart from the large brass plate, which is the one I bought last weekend for $1 at Mt Mee.
I then moved onto the bathroom and put up my sconce and an antique butterfly print I've had forever.
The close-up.

...and in-situ...
It's not an overly bold statement, but it's something. Don't worry about the laundry basket, I've got my people on the ground looking for a more suitable one.

I still have lots to put up on the walls including this set of seagulls. They're new. I bought them on Ebay. I love them. Most people wouldn't, I suppose. The originals are sold for hundreds of dollars now. I saw a set of ducks at Paddo Antiques for $480. In our house, expensive or not, it all smashes to pieces once it's dropped on the floor.

I did a bit of moving around in the other bathroom too. I swapped a fold out desk we were using for storage for an old bone handled chest of drawers.
The drawers are very happy in the bathroom.

And the desk is enjoying the company of the mannequin.
Teddy is such a messy eater that I put his bowl out on the verandah, which only served to attract these. Look at them pigging out like they're at a wedding buffet. I'm not sure who or what is responsible for the food being on the outside of the bowl.

This fellow has been making himself completely at home. He perched himself on our railing a few weeks ago and sung us a song. It was specifically for us. He eyeballed us and let loose. Of course, we couldn't understand a word he was saying.
I wonder if he is the one that crashed into our pool fence, that I took to the vet. Or maybe he is the spouse of that one? Either way, he's definitely under the impression he knows us. This is him sitting under our dining room table.

On a recent trip to one of our fair city's public gardens, I couldn't help but pinch a bit of this. It's the sort of thing old lady's would have growing in their garden. I don't know what it's called, but I'm going to plant some here.
It will be very spiffy with our front door.


  1. Hey! I'm not an old lady and I grow that stuff! It's some sort of coleus I think. It grows so well from cuttings. Love your house.

  2. I like your writing bureau. What sort of timber is it, do you know?

    Would you ever consider paying professional picture hangers to hang all your artwork and what not?

  3. It's silky oak, which I'm not mad about, but it's stained very dark so you can't see the grain very much.
    I can't imagine hiring someone to hang our pictures?
    Coleus, yes! Love them. I looked them up in my gardening book and it says they come in orange, purple and yellow too.

  4. You're a far braver person than I ... Hubby is the nailer, hanger & potential wrecker of walls. It's all the more hard when you've just completed a reno. I have a bare wall in the hallway off our bedroom that was painted a particular colour so we could hang family photos. Has anything gone up yet? No ... to nervous ;-)

  5. Your thrifting has paid off - it's all gorgeous. Well done.

  6. My Mum calls that the Beetroot plant. I like it amongst the green in my garden. We have a family of magpies too, they love us, they love our dog biscuits and are very tame. Apparently tinned dog food is better for them than plain meat, they need the calcium or something. They make a mess though! Anyway, there is my random bird/plant comment, I do read your blog lots, and about time I commented!!

  7. I love your house, and can understand having some trepidation before nailing into your pristine white walls. Your bathroom is stunning and the way you decorate and style everything so stylish yet left of centre.
    I'm sure that plant may be a coleus too. I like being able to use different foliage in gardens, rather than just relying on flowers.