Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nifty and thrify
Some of my latest finds. Glass seems to be emerging as my area of specialty.

Little glass tumbers with flamingo design, $2 for set of 4.
Oversized emerald green glass, $10.

I'm imposing a self-ban for the next few weeks. I think I'm getting a problem.
In my defence, however, thrift shopping is an environmentally friendly way to shop, I'm not feeding the Made in China beast. I'm also donating to charity.
Frugality is in the blood I'm afraid. I'm not sure where it's a positive or a negative? I suppose it depends on the situation.


  1. Its a great way to shop. As long as you dont start stockpiling, I see nothing wrong. And the quality and design is second to none.

  2. Once upon a time, the thought of buying anything secondhand would have horrified me. I didn't even like borrowing library books because other people had touched them.

    Now I think buying secondhand stuff is fun and quite addictive! I enjoy going into Op Shops, but I'll only leave with something if I know it's a CRACKER of a find! And I often buy vintage fabric, ephemera and toys from etsy because I know they'll be good quality because the seller's reputation relies on customer satisfaction.

  3. I have flamingo glass envy