Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The rainbow connection
Yesterday I was forced out of bed to see a damn hot air balloon. This morning it was a damn rainbow.
P.S. If you recognise your house in this photo, get yourself a lotto ticket pronto.

Yesterday, being the day of lovers, I received these oriental lillies. I was chuffed because not only do I love oriental lillies, but he also bought them at Rosalie (where I usually get our flowers). The message here is that I am heard, at least sometimes, and that is the best gift of all - you can't wrap that!

Almost two years after we moved into our house, she is still throwing the odd treasure my way. Yesterday, whilst ferretting around in the back of the sideboard I found an old envelope with about 30 old birthday cards.

This one is from 1910 and reads:
May Birthday wishes all come true
With happiness and pleasures too,
May all your little friends surround,
And toys and joys and love abound.

From 1915, below.

This one is from 1916. The front reads:

A Gladsome Birthday
Fair and bright
be your Birthday,
With never a cloud
or a stain
And may you, dearest, alway,
Be free from sorrow and pain.

I dare say the person who penned this little ditty probably normally headed up the sympathy card section, and was just filling in for the day in 'birthdays'. Who puts the words 'sorrow', 'pain', and .....worst of all.... 'stain' in a birthday wish?

I'm in a bit of a decorating funk. I put these frangipanis out by the pool....but it's just not happening.

 We are having some friends for dinner on Saturday night to celebrate my husband's birthday. Stay tuned for some more birthday cake making later this week. I'm preparing myself mentally for it. I'm sure things can't go any worse than last time? Touch wood!


  1. Just thinking about your birthday cake made me laugh out loud. So thanks!

    Meanwhile my house is covered by a tree so I can't see it but I live deadset close to that wtertank arrangement.

  2. Well, to be on the safe side......it's not every day a rainbow shines on your roof!

  3. Your frangipanis look wonderful - I just think they need bigger pots and would look even better.

  4. I suspect the card scribers were all a bit mournful due to the War to End All etc.

    Can't be too cheery about birthdays and such when loved ones are being blasted to bits.

    That's my guess.

  5. I look forward to the next cake making extravaganza.
    Fascinating those old cards. Beautiful rainbow. Your decorating funk looks gorgeous to me. Love frangipani's near a pool. Always love the big old one next to Maggie Tabberer's pool. I dream big and often!