Sunday, February 27, 2011

Watermelon Pink and some other favourites
Noosa Beach House has given me a Stylish Blogger Award. Now I'm multi-awarding winning!

Instead of telling you seven things about me, I was going to tell you the seven things I'd change if I were The Boss. For example, I would put a limit on how many houses an individual can own. This may enable some people to have a better chance at buying their own home, narrowing the divide between rich and poor, thus making everyone much happier.
However, I decided to change out of my Grumpy Pants into a party this one for example....

...which I just bought on Ebay for only $38 (or, if my husband's reading, the equivalent of a carton of beer) can you believe it! It belonged to a lady who is now 72. She wore it only once - to her 21st party, then she packed it away in tissue paper. It should arrive on Wednesday. I looooove watermelon pink.

So instead, here are seven things I love......

Numero Uno

I don't really care what kind, although peonies are gorgeous. They could be wildflowers, weeds, wedding flowers. Don't care. Love them all.
Really, really love old fashioned roses straight from the garden.

Number Two
We make ours on the stove in one of these little doovies, with lots of full cream milk and sugar.

Number Three
Old frocks...and handbags, jewellery, hats...

I like to just look at it now, without buying too much. I don't wear it very often now either. What once used to look a bit edgey (like a ballroom skirt to work), now just makes me look like a deranged old woman.

Number Four

Number Five
Writing, and even better still, having someone read it.

That's me trying to write, with the old man checking to see if that $38 included postage (which it did).

Number Six
The Internet.
Very unromantic I know. I am certainly no tech-head, but the internet is a new invention that I have grasped whole-heartedly. What did we do before it? How did we find out anything?

Number Seven
Bobbed haircuts.

I'm not a fan of either Katie or Nicole, but they are great bobs. Look at the precision, the shine, the colour. Magnificence.
Since the 1920s the bob has been a classic cut.
I think I am so taken with them because nothing could be more elusive to me.
Take Nicole Richie's hair and imagine the complete opposite of it in every possible way. That's me. Me of the curly haired tribe.


  1. Love your list!!!! I like a bob too -Anna Wintour is always chic. Are you watching the Oscars?

  2. I always intend to watch the Oscars, but generally lose interest somewhere between best documentary and best film editing.

  3. I think we have an almost identical list - right down to the bob-loving, curly-haired real life aspect!

    PS: That frock is perfection - and what a lovely story.

  4. Yes, the frock has a lovely story, albeit the last part where it gets sold on Ebay for thirty bucks. Nevermind, I'll take care of it.

  5. I LOVE that dress I have one in simialr colour was my mums bridesmaid dress to her sisters wedding in 63.How lucky were you to get that one so cheap.How was it listed word wise? I am surprised there wasnt a bidding war on it,

  6. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading about the 7 things you love. I too would kill for a simple bob cut - the only way I can achieve this is with some serious GHD work!!! Ange

  7. I would give one of my children for your hair! Enjoy your untamed tresses.