Saturday, February 19, 2011

The birthday dinner
Yesterday was my husband's 39th birthday. We got him a weights set and bench. Alarmingly, he seems to be under the impression that I'll be pumping some iron too, which is not the case.
I might do a few tiny lifts to prevent tuckshop arms, but that's about it.
Last night we went out for pizza. We went to a place we've been to many times before. They have great pizza, but you don't go there for the atmosphere. At the time we are there, very early for dinner, they even have the television on.
We sat ourselves down at our chosen table which was against a wall. After we had sat down, we looked up to find the menus and what was looking at us? This.

It turned out our table was improbably positioned right near the mural of David. 'Who's David?', asked one of the impressionables. I quickly looked at the menu, then leant it back against the wall to give him some privacy.
Of course, the waiter had to walk past right at the moment I took this photo....and as it turns out, the camera on my phone has a flash, which was news to me. 
We are having some friends over for dinner tonight to celebrate. They arrive in a few hours and I'm not ready yet. It's ok, I don't feel too stressed. I'm as laid back as Teddy, and look at him.

For dinner I'm cooking Tessa Kiros' Oregano and Lemon Roast Lamb. I've never made it before and I'm not good at roasting meat, but this one cooks for a long time, so it shouldn't come out raw. Fingers crossed.
For dessert/birthday cake, I've made Philip Johnson's Tiramisu Semi Freddo. I made it at Christmas time and it seemed to go down well.
My Valentine's Day flowers are flowering themselves half to death. They look gorgeous.

For added table decoration, I also picked up these pink flowers. I'm not sure if they're dahlias, zinnias, or neither.

That pot they're in belonged to my grandmother, Jess. It's very special to me. So was she.

I got these little champs for the bathroom. I love flowers in a bathroom. I think they're hyacinths.

Some news snippets for you.
Royal watchers may want to pick themselves up a William and Kate cup from  I think they're about $16.
Others may be interested in They revamp vintage furniture, like this chair.

That's it from me. I have to shake my tail feathers.


  1. Have a wonderful evening. Love your post I can't stop laughing. Thank you Mimi xx
    P.S. It is my b'day today, my sister is cooking me dinner, I can't wait.

  2. The flowers all make me happy, and your pizza tales too.