Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Beads, buttons, brooches, bows & bric-a-brac
Today I finally got around to sorting all my jewellery. We found a lot when we cleared the house out from various periods in time.
It was quite a task. Firstly, I spread everything out and sorted into piles (which are three dimensional lists); bangles, brooches, broken (this pile was huge).
I must stress to any would-be burglars that none of my jewellery is valuable it's all just costume jewellery.

These were some of Motherwell's pieces.

I have stored a lot of beads and whatnot on my mannequin. The effect is something like a ghetto pimp?

I wear almost none of my jewellery. I'm just not really that into it. These earrings are circa 1998, I wore them when I married my husband. They are quite small and I will probably wear them again one day. Sorry about the blurry photos, the box brownie is on its way out.

I received this little gold bee brooch for my 30th birthday.

This is one of my last remaining Quit brooches. They are so called because when I gave up smoking I made them by the dozens to keep my hands busy, then I seemed to have hundreds. Before long we had to force the front door open and wade through them like water weed.

Lastly, this is a box of jewellery that needs fixing. The jewellery, not the box.
 On the right hand side is a little cream bakerlite filligree style brooch (in a blue satin lined box). This is one of my favourites.

I am ploughing through my book from the library, Mad Men Unbuttoned. This is the real life man that Don Draper was based on. His name is Draper Daniels. Apparently he was a lot more wholesome than Don, but equally as legendary in the ad world.

I have some chicken drumsticks to turn now.
P.S. The Batchelorette party was fun. Now it is full steam ahead to the wedding!


  1. I so love your jewellery I dont wear mine much either but love looking at it all.I would love a bee necklace saw onbe recently yours could be made into a necklace just add a chain.If you do would love to see a pic.

  2. The bee is actually one of the few things I do wear, usually to curtail a plunging neckline.

  3. Behind the cool exterior Julie you're a hoot. I wished I'd known you had such a great sense of humour at the kindy drop off. Love your jewellery post.