Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wrapped in plastic
Our children have been very reluctant to go to bed of late. In the early evenings there is usually a lot of 'outside voices' inside, tears, toys being thrown, doors slamming....and the children can get very upset too (boom boom!).
It couldn't go on how it was, so for each night they go to bed without a fuss they get a star now. Every five stars can be exchanged for a reward of some kind. 
Today they wanted to go on a train into the city. They'd never been on a train before and we hadn't for at least a decade either.
We got on at Newmarket, so I think there was about five stops before the city. To get to the city and back cost us $23 (and Peaches was free)! You can't buy a return ticket anymore. I think it's a little queer to not be able to buy a return ticket on a transport system, but as I probably won't ride on a train for another ten years, I'll let that one slide.
Once we were in the city we had a little tour around a giant toyshop. Just as we were heading out, I saw a glass cabinet with some very fancy pants Barbies in it. On closer inspection, what did I see?

Don & Betty immortalised as little dolls and wrapped in plastic....and....there was Joanie too (although I don't think her proportions were in the same ratio as the real life character).

Now I have to go and prep for the Batchelorette party tonight. I don't have to be there for two and a half hours, but it takes a lot of time and effort to get this show on the road these days.
P.S. A word of advice. A couple of posts ago I mentioned I'm using a retinoid cream called Zorac. If you choose to do the same you may want to opt to have your brows plucked rather than waxed. I neglected to tell the waxer I was using a retinoid, and my thinning skin tore off when she ripped the wax off. What did it feel like? It felt like the tender skin around my eyes was being torn off my bones, that's what. Now in addition to my usual beauty woes I have to contend with two red welts where my thicker eyebrows used to be.
Wishing you a good night too....


  1. Oh that is just poor darling. You are so lovely though I am sure no one will be any the wiser. The cost of the train is just ridiculous and I agree about the return trip, so silly. How is the not shopping at woolworthes going?

  2. sometimes we catch a train to Brisbane as i always get hopelessly lost there but the cost has become a joke! Maybe next time find one of those steam train days :) Mel xx

  3. I'm sure you'll be wowing everyone with that gorgeous dress they won't notice any red welts.Have fun.

  4. We to do a train trip for the 'experience' not the destination on occasion. It is expensive!
    Frankly we'd rather drive and pay the $12 at the paystation.
    Love those dolls. I wonder if they're popular to buy?
    Hope you had a great night out. Sorry about the red brows.