Friday, March 4, 2011

It's pouring rain here at the moment, and a welcome change from the sticky heat of the last couple of weeks. There's nothing worse than your make-up sliding off your face as you try to apply it at eight in the morning.
I have been trying to get inspired by looking at various indoor/outdoor rooms. You've got to love a good indoor/outdoor room especially in our climate.
What do you think of these? How beautiful is this?

This is not a look to try on a budget, below.

Yes, this one is more outdoor than in.

I think I probably just like the lanterns in this one.

Love green and pink together.

I am still going through the last few boxes of chattels from the Baby family. I have just found this pile of magazines called The Woman's Home Encyclopaedia. I think they are from the 1910s, some may be earlier.

They contain the usual guff that you find in women's magazines today; celebrity gossip, recipes, fashion, gardening, etc. However, they actually seem a little more interesting and sophisticated in a way to me. It made me realise how articles in modern day women's mags focus on the self; they're all me, me, me. It's 'inward looking' as my husband would say.
The Woman's Home Encyclopaedia is defininately more 'outward looking' you could say. It's more instructional; this is how you do this, that's how you do that, etc.
There are a lot of articles on women from other cultures, prominent women, there's articles on sport like tennis and golf, how to keep unusual animals as pets, how to be the perfect hostess, how to fix things and do things for yourself.
Now you can outsource everything from child raising to dog walking, but back then it was mostly all done in-house.
It's fascinating to see the radical difference in how we live in the space of 100 years.
I found this interesting article on the Paris Zoo. When visiting, you could hitch a ride on a buggy pulled by an ostrich.

I was real-estalking this morning and found the Jondaryan Homestead is for sale, if anyone's interested in a tree change. It's quite the set up!

Now I'm off to find an outfit to wear to the Bride's batchelorette party tomorrow night.
P.S. My watermelon pink frock arrived and it's even better than I thought, apart from a couple of tiny cigarette burns which aren't obvious - I'd say that's fairly typical for a frock from 1960, if Betty Draper is anything to go by.

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  1. They'd be a great read. My Dad's mother used to play tennis once a week with her girlfriends on a lawn court when they were living in the country. This was the 40's/50's though. I can picture them in their whites with wooden raquets. We've driven past the property over the years that had the court, and seen its demise. Lawn courts with the white fencing are so attractive. They continually disappear from the older suburbs in Brisbane. I can only think of one that's still around at Coorparoo, part of a magnificent house, but that's it.

    Love that first pic and am visualising myself at Jondaryan. Gorgeous.x