Sunday, March 20, 2011

Self sabotage and other Sunday pursuits
Today I baked lemon and blueberry muffins and some cheese and vegemite pinwheels, which are a type of savoury scone. They are both to put in the children's lunchboxes. It's much quicker and easier to put these things in the lunchboxes in the morning, and they take just as little time to toss out in the afternoon as a normal sandwich.
Of course, I had to sample both, which is where the self sabotage fits in. This is not my actual muffin, but a photo I 'borrowed' off the internet. Mine looked just as good, but my photos went missing when I was downloading them.
Did anyone see the story in today's Sunday Mail headed 'Women, be upfront'. It's talking about how women should tell their potential employers of their baby plans. This would be of great assistance to employers. I'm guessing this is because they are well aware the law forbids them from asking such questions, probably because it is a complete invasion of privacy, and absolutely none of their business. 
If however, you want to make getting that perfect job even more of a challenge, go ahead and tell them all about your reproductive hopes and dreams, and while you're at it, you may as well give them the heads up on how much stuff you intend pilfering from the stationery cupboard each year. 
We have guests arriving on Wednesday and staying for a couple of nights, which I'm looking forward to. With some last minute jobs still to do for the wedding next weekend, it's bound to be a busy week though.


  1. I started to read that article and threw it down unfinished. It reminded of the days of working in the Public Service and they'd sack you when you got pregnant.

    How draconian. In reality, women haven't made that much progress.

  2. Ha, very funny, but sadly so true!! Those pinwheels sound so yummy.

  3. It was an absurd article!
    A+ mother of the year award stuff here with the Sunday baking prep for the week. Well done!!

  4. I know people who won't employ women of child bearing age, and yet their wives have had access to really good maternity leave conditions.

    I didn't read the article as I don't purchase the Snail. But it is interesting. I can't imagine aman being questioned about his fatherhood intentions.