Thursday, March 10, 2011

A place for everything
Today I reorganised the pantry.  Look at that. Do you know what that makes me think?.....

It makes me think I really need a job.

I also fruited up. I found a fruit shop with a chop shop next door. I bought bags and bags of fruit and veg and the bill was only $60. I felt very smug.

I've noticed there are not a lot of good houses on television shows. There's not a lot to get inspired by, unless you're actually watching a 'house' show (with the exception of the English show Sixty Minute Makeover, which I think would have to be the worst home decorating show I've ever seen. And can someone please explain what's with the sixty minutes??).
Anyway, one house I do really love is Jay & Gloria's on Modern Family. It's not my style, but I love it. I don't usually go for 'earthy' colours, but it looks more glam with some chrome furniture and the odd bit of animal print.

After a security scare next door (the thief made off with half a carton of beer), we have been workshopping ideas to fence our yard and put a gate on the driveway. We did a bit of lurking around Ascot and came up with this....but not on quite a grand scale. Imagine this, but more low key.

I may be repeating myself here, but did I mention when we moved into Motherwell we gave the Genoa lounge suite to our friends across the road? They had the three seater recovered and have taken it back to Melbourne with them. They left the two singles with us, to eventually be done by the same upholsterer and sent down to them. I wonder if that will ever happen? In the case that it doesn't, I've been imagining what I'd do with them? I have a thousand different ideas in mind.

Meanwhile, Teddy continues to enjoy his life in a one cat home (with two tiny mothers to fuss over him). I've found a mum at kindy who has trouble with cat hair on the floor too. She has a white floor and a black cat. We've talked about swapping and have agreed that neither of them would care so long as they still got fed.


  1. I know what you mean about that show - I do like Sarahs House a lot on fox.. I've been looking for the dvd so good... Just Love the fence idea.

  2. That pantry is stunning- I can just feel my heart rate lowering-how utterly soothing.

    Good thing you didn't buy rhurbard- it's $7 a bunch.

    Maybe you need a job as an interior designer who actions makeovers? You could pick and choose your own hours and you've got the necessary talent.

    Keep the chairs and get them recovered in either hot pink with orange piping or orange with pink piping.

  3. That is one very stylish pantry!!!!

    Love it!

    Also love the White gate idea :)


  4. Loving your organised pantry... Such things make me happy.