Friday, March 18, 2011

Heading crosstown
Last night I met up with my old school friend Sophia, who is now a very talented architect. We went to the Crosstown Eating House at Woolloongabba, near all the antique shops.

This is the downstairs bar.

Sophia had two lovely, pink lamb chops with lentil and fetta salad. I had some flatbread and spicy eggplant (I'd already had dinner). We were planning on splitting an Eton Mess for dessert (I'd already picked it out from their website menu), but as rotten luck would have it, they'd taken it off the menu...the day before!
Being the stoic girls we are, we dusted ourselves off, revisited the dessert menu, and had a chocolate fondant instead.
We had an interesting conversation.  Sophia, the career girl,  filled me in on the woes of having the fabulous job, but not the husband and offspring. Aah, that old balancing act. As Gloria Steinem said, 'I'm yet to hear a man ask how to balance a family and a career'
The wedding, for which I am a bridesmaid, is a mere eight days away. I've got a bit of junk in the trunk to dispose of between now and then. Oh dear. I have been watching my tres talented cousin over at If you have a look at the top left hand side of her blog, you'll see a little tag which says '21 days'.
Fiona is currently experimenting with the 21 Day Wonder Diet. I'm watching her closely. If you have a sister you may want to have a look at her latest post anyway.


  1. I love Crosstown Eating House and love that strip of gorgeous shops and restaurants and cafes. How cool is the Mad Menesque bar upstairs. India

  2. Love the Crosstown Eating House and all the shops around there. I will check out the blog. Have a wonderful weekend Mimi x

  3. CTEH is excellent.

    Single childless women are often marginalised and patronised by the Smug Marrieds which is awful.

    Good luck with the wedding prep x

  4. Just in case you haven't seen this - thought you may be interested - it is the Reinvent Your Career Expo in Brisbane 26 & 27 March at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre


  5. Sounds like a nice day. I wouldn't worry to much about the old "junk in trunk" issue you will be lovely for sure xx

  6. Don't think you've too much 'junk' to worry about dear girl.
    I'm nearly at the end of my first week, looking forward to weigh-in tomorrow morning.
    Fingers crossed!